Our Team
Wendy Sheely
Area Specialist
The Hinterland's local genuine salesperson.

Wendy Sheely is definitely a “what you see is what you get” kind of gal - open, honest, down to earth and not afraid to tell you “how it is”. Always professional, always adaptable, always optimistic and above all always true to what she says.

Simply, she sells real estate - finding the right buyers for properties and she has done so very successfully, for many years. And the proof is on record - being one of the most successful real estate people on the Gold Coast, a winner of National and State REAL ESTATE AWARDS and recognised by the community for her many charity based fundraising activities.

Wendy's referral network is huge and ongoing - something that can only be built through satisfied clients - those that value Wendy's philosophy “that she is prepared to listen”. She may not win them all - no one does, but even then they stay in contact. Not many agents gain this level of respect!

And that alone speaks volumes for her attitude to life, her commitment to her clients and the many friends she has made along the way.

Call in or phone and Wendy will always get in touch. Use her knowledge and be assured that you are dealing with a person who genuinely cares and will do her very best for you - HER CLIENT.
To contact Wendy, please call 0421 597 604