How to: Apply For A Rental Property

Find out what you need to apply and download the forms you will need

General information on renting a home:

Renting a property is a two-way street. As the person renting the property, we understand that you want to be treated with respect, enjoy your privacy, and know that if there’s a maintenance issue, your Property Manager will help you get it solved. 

Landlords share much the same interests. They want us to find them a good tenant, make sure the rent is paid on time and maintain their property to the required standard.

So we strive to bring the interests of both parties together through considerate communication at all times.

If you want to find out more about renting in Queensland, the Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) has a handy "Pocket Guide For Tenants" which you can read here.

Let us know what you’re looking for:

There’s sometimes a lot of competition amongst prospective tenants for newly vacated properties. That’s why it’s so important to register with our office so we know what you’re looking for. Click here and we'll send you an alert when a new property is listed. 

Inspecting the property:

Being a good rental applicant starts with putting your best foot forward, just as you would with a job interview. It’s therefore vital that you inspect the property and introduce yourself to the Property Manager.  We cannot rent to somebody who has not physically inspected the property (sometimes you can arrange for a trusted family member or friend to do this for you if you are located outside of the Gold Coast).

Make sure your rental application can be processed:

When you apply to rent a property, the property manager reviews your application, makes sure all the relevant documents are in order, checks your rental history, and then puts the best applications to the landlord for his or her decision.

Our Property Manager is looking to find the best two or three applicants in a timely manner for the property’s landlord. If they need to hunt around for more information with your application, this could make the difference between you getting the property or someone else.

Important elements of a rental application are:

  • Reference contacts– past landlords and employers
  • Driver’s license/photo identification
  • Past rental property addresses and/or real estate agents contact details
  • Employment salary records 

Full details are outlined in our application form (see link below). 
Double check your application before submitting it to ensure it is complete.

What if you’ve never rented before?

If you have no rental history or you’re still living at home and your family rents, try and get your name put on the lease. This will help you establish a record of reliable rental payments.

Alternatively, if you’ve ever leased a weekender or Airbnb, chase up a reference from the agent or host involved. This will help. It’s also a good tip to consider your social media profiles. Sometimes landlords will check your social media if they’re trying to choose between several good applicants for their property.

Ultimately, agents and landlords tend to be concerned about the same three key things:

1. Has the applicant looked after the property and have a history of great routine inspection outcomes?
2. Has a previous Property Manager provided a good reference?
3. Has the applicant always paid the rent on time?

So, if you don’t already have a rental history, try and support your application with evidence of your reliability. If you’ve paid back a loan, this is highly relevant information. If you’ve been a carer for somebody, can they supply you with a reference? Is your boss happy to provide you with a character reference, supporting your reliability?

Ideally, provide contact numbers for three good references for our Property Manager to talk to.

What if you just sold your home and haven’t rented in decades?

If it’s so long since you last rented a property that you can’t even remember which real estate agency or the names of your student flatmates, no problem. Simply ask your selling agent for a reference and discuss your circumstances with the Property Manager before submitting your application.

How can I increase my chances of approval when applying to rent with pets?

Finding a rental property where the landlord is willing to consider applications from tenants with pets can be challenging. This is because landlords typically worry about the significant damage that can be caused by animals, both inside and outside their property or maybe they have experienced damage caused by a tenant’s pet in the past.

You can start by searching for properties that have been flagged as ‘Pet Friendly’ but sometimes they’re just not available at the time you wish to rent.

Some properties are advertised as “Pets considered on application”.  That means you can ask a Property Manager to consider your application and fill in a Pet Application/Agreement (see download link below).  That’s a much better plan than trying to keep your pet a secret – which would actually put you in breach of your lease agreement.

It’s important you distinguish yourself as a responsible pet owner.  Including some references specifically related to your pet and your track record makes your application much more attractive to landlords. Ideally, if you can include contact details for a reference from a real estate Property Manager or previous neighbours, attesting to your responsible pet ownership, a landlord is far more likely to say yes.

You should also be prepared to agree to complete a pet application/agreement which provides a landlord with greater assurance that they’ll be protected. This may involve you agreeing to indemnify the landlord from damage of any kind caused by your pet.

If you are applying for a rental property through our office and need to obtain all relevant information and applications, the following will assist you:

First National Mudgeeraba applications for you to download:

You can download our rental application forms in advance of your rental inspection, just click on the links below.  

* Rental Application for a couple - Double

* Rental Application (for a single person or print one for each flatmate) - Single

Pet Application/ Agreement Form


Helpful information is also included in the above, regarding:

  • The documents you'll need when applying to rent
  • The information you'll need to complete
  • The application process
  • General information for your tenancy

I wish to thank Bianca, Murray, Diane and Steph for all your support over the years and especially Diane and Murray during some hard times during the earlier years. Your real estate is the best I have dealt with and I wish you all the best.  Gary, Springbrook.