What is your property worth in today's market?

Establishing the market value of your property is essential in gaining the best possible result. It also requires a great deal of local knowledge and homework and that's where we come in, with over 18 years experience in our local area.

Why not take advantage of our free market appraisal as property values do change from year to year plus any renovations you have done to the property since your last appraisal will need to be considered in terms of value. 

Find out what's going on in your local area too:
- state of the market
- comparable properties that have sold
- how much they sold for
- how long they have been on the market

And if you're considering renting out your property, we can provide you with a rental market appraisal and help you determine the best strategy to achieve your property objectives. 

If you'd like more information please call us on 07 5525 2866 or complete the form below (selecting sale or rental) and submit and we'll get back to you ASAP.