Top 5 Fails - Selling your own home

Can you do just as well selling a property yourself ?

Australians sell their home on average every 9.8 years.  We sell every day.

1.  You can’t sell a secret

When a seller chooses not to engage an agent, they lose the ability to access the agent’s connections and databases (which can be considerable).  Also, you’ll miss out on an agent’s daily interaction with potential buyers that comes with those that are well connected from years of working in the local real estate community.

2.  Poor presentation

A good agent will offer effective presentation tips, professional photography, copywriting & signage tailored to attract the right target market.  They can also provide you with access to competent and reliable tradespeople and repair specialists where necessary.  After all, presentation is the foundation on which your entire sale is built. Top agents know how to present your home so it appeals to as many buyers as possible.

3.  Lack of communication

If you decide to sell your property yourself, you are responsible for answering calls from potential buyers 24/7.  Part of this process is also scheduling and handling inspections, follow-up with potential buyers and collecting feedback.  If you’re already struggling with long working hours or a busy lifestyle, you can feel overwhelmed by this process and important communication can slip through the cracks.

4.  Difficulty understanding contracts and legislation

Real estate contracts are legally binding and can be somewhat difficult to understand.  In Queensland, contracts are prepared by your real estate agent who is experienced in understanding both the language and implications of a contract.  Importantly also, because they can negotiate with both the seller and the buyer (which solicitors cannot do), they can be invaluable in helping prevent contracts from falling over when things get complicated (and they do!).

5.  Unable to navigate inspections & negotiate price

Whilst it sounds easy to show buyers through your home, owners who embark upon the journey by themselves say they do become frustrated by the constant interruption to their lifestyle and worried about the security aspect of having unqualified people that they do not know in their homes. 
Before a buyer commits to purchasing your home, they are likely to want several inspections to make sure they really want to buy it.
Helping a buyer prepare to buy is where the real “selling” comes in.  Owners are the first to tell us they have difficulty negotiating the 
price with buyers and this can result in the under-sale of the property, costing the owner thousands of dollars. Having an agent on your side to get through this difficult process will not only potentially make you a great deal of money but it will also save you a tonne of stress.

Common Real Estate Myth:

In summary, one of the greatest myths in real estate is that agent fees are too high and that saving money by managing the sale yourself is a better option.

The whole reason real estate agents exist is to serve the needs of property sellers. A good agent will take care of details you won’t even have thought of, give you advice you never knew you needed and most of all, work their backsides off to make sure you get the best result possible.  Of course, you can try and do all this yourself if you like, but why on earth would you?

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